Tyna Ontko

All things blue

Pictured & not pictured, in no particular order:

? ? ? & Rachael Lang

Lithography demo at Pratt this past Saturday, 9/13. Everyone looks absolutely riveted, which means I this must be about the point where I (finally) got around to printing. weeee!

Grained a stone on a picnic table yesterday. When I lifted it up, this is how I found the leftover grit.

all that glitters is not gold

Heavy handed

Stone lithography, cut paper sculpture, cast plaster sculpture, cyanotype

2014 - Present

Dimensions variable


Two Shelves


photographs by Joe Rudko

A failure to repeat

In no particular order, pictured & not pictured,

Lenny Moore, Mark Tansey, Zephyr Wadkins, Pierre Buraglio, Lucier Shigeko, Ryan Schmal Murray, & printeresting

Light & Magic

No particular order, pictured & not pictured,

Allyce Wood, Monica Pauls, Taylor Merisko, Cade Schmidt, Robert Irwin, Rachel Hsu, Chris Fraser, & Maiko Sugano.

Some of the work from my Intro to Experimental Printmaking class— many of whom were first time printmakers. Combining monotype, cyanotype, and collagraph processes, all were encouraged to layer, and collage the three techniques. As well, using unconventional materials in the three processes to yield unpredictable and unexpected results. They kicked ass— success!

North Seattle College. Continuing Ed. Summer ‘14.

Extra-Ordinary Objects

a few of my recent favorites in no order,

pictured & not pictured:

Drew Miller, Alisa Baremboym, Mike Kelly, Andrew Lord, Felix Gonzalez Torres, Camille Henrot, David Altmejd, Samara Golden.